• Assess and represent our members' interests and needs.
  • Assure inclusiveness of UCSF campus cultures in communications and activities.
  • Create or continue partnerships with campus organizations/units to promote effective communication, cooperation, and leadership.
  • Increase the awareness and visibility of AMP's campus role.


  • Expand membership from all campus and UCSF Health sites.
  • Keep existing members involved and continue the tradition of networking opportunities.
  • Create and continue to support new interest groups as appropriate and required.
  • Conduct assessment of members' interests and perceptions of programs.


  • Explore implementation of the Faculty-Staff Partnership Initiative at UCSF.
  • Enhance the relational effectiveness with campus and departmental leadership.
  • Increase opportunities, where/when feasible, for AMP to collaborate with campus leaderships' directives and efforts that impact AMP.

Special Program

The following are examples of programmatic areas - in addition to the ongoing AMP Programs - that the Steering Committee will look to emphasize or set in motion during the following year:

  • The challenges of managing multi-site departments
  • Creating effective faculty-staff partnerships
  • Leadership Dialogues