For Mentees

Program eligibility criteria:

  • Current member of AMP at time of application (see current AMP member list)
  • Submit application to mentorship program during application period (see Calendar of Events)
  • Employed at UC San Francisco for at least one year at the time of application, in a permanent career position at 50% time or more
  • Supervisor/departmental support, if release time is required; however no one will be excluded
  • Realistic expectations of the mentorship experience
  • Commitment to UC San Francisco as an employer
  • Clear writing skills, resourcefulness, creativity and curiosity
  • Demonstrated commitment to self-development

Mentee Application

Selected Quotes from Past Mentees

Would you recommend the program to others?

“I think anyone that is motivated to make a career at UCSF should apply.”

“The ABOG Mentorship Program is one example of UCSF putting resources behind our value of building community. Please know that each participant could easily reap more than s/he put into it. I am more inspired than ever to want to give back to/engage with the UCSF community in any way I can."

“YES - it's 100% self -driven so one needs to be a self-starter.”

“I think this is a great way to expand your professional network, gain new allies, and get helpful guidance it pursuing your career goals from both your mentor and the guest speakers at the mentee meetings.”

“I think it's a great program for people looking to open their perspectives. I know I changed my own outlook in how I approach job opportunities, how to look at leadership”.

“The Mentorship program will definitely get you out of your own world. It's a great learning experience. Everyone should get involved!”

“The program is a large commitment, but so many doors and resources are open/available, that I did not realize.  This program also gives a good segway to asking different people/departments for advice or information.”

How have you benefitted from the program?

“I feel more comfortable about my skill level, despite my current position and payroll classification. I feel more comfortable expressing myself in professional group activities. I feel that I have made several long-lasting professional acquaintances with other mentees in my cohort, as well as many of the mentors whom I interviewed.”

“I have an entire new network of colleagues I didn't have before. I have a mentor who will continue to be a helpful guide and colleague.  Increased confidence in reaching out to people to ask them about their careers or projects. Motivation to continue with a work-related project that would never have gotten off the ground.  A break from routine gave me a new perspective.”

“Developing my manager skills, strategize in difficult conflict management situations, developed leadership skills I never knew I had, developed more self- confidence, and finally a reason to stay at UCSF.”

“Expanded my UCSF network - Got exposure to UCSF leadership - I met a mentor/friend for life”

“Learned how to handle difficult situations Encouraged to keep growing and not be afraid to move to another position.”