Mentorship Program

Mission Statement

Administrative Management Professionals (AMP)'s Mentorship Program pairs experienced UC San Francisco managers from academic departments and units, central administration and the medical center with up and coming staff members seeking to learn more about management, leadership and to better understand the UC San Francisco organizational culture. 

The program provides a framework in which staff members cultivate contacts and increase their UC San Francisco network of peers. The group will also find peer support and enhance effectiveness as they plot their personal growth and career paths at UC San Francisco.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact an AMP Mentorship Program Committee Member. We look forward to hearing from you!

Connie D'Aura
+1 415 353-2469
Clarice Estrada
+1 415 476-1157
Wendy Gamboa
+1 415 476-4028
Karen Hamblett
+1 415 502-7593
Christine Khuu
+1 415 476-7302
Kathleen Land
+1 415 514-9259
Darin Lum
+1 415 885-7582
Robert Mansfield
+1 415 476-5494
Irene Merry
+1 415 502-0244
Cristina Morrison
Diane Ngo
+1 415 502-1739
Erik Wieland
+1 415 502-7822