Membership registration for 2024-25 is open!

Membership Details

Applicable through
June 30, 2025

One full-year membership
(12 months)

$40 Annual dues
for 2024-25

Membership dues are not prorated.


Membership has responsibilities for, or supports the operation of teaching, administrative, clinical and/or research units, is employed by the University of California, San Francisco (Campus or Health) 50% or more.

What is included?

You will be invited to monthly events and programs, either in person or online. These will range from leadership fireside chats, to professional development workshops, fun games, networking opportunities, and conferences. You will also gain access to apply for the AMP Mentorship Program. Members gain access to the AMP Teams channel, where job postings are highlighted, additional professional development opportunities are shared, and where the membership can interact with each other.