Mentorship Program Application Questions Preview

Please provide brief answers to the following questions. Written communication skills are an important criterion for selection in the program. You may wish to have someone review your application prior to submitting. If no one is available to do so, please contact the Mentorship Committee members ([email protected]) and someone will arrange to have your application reviewed.

  1. Why do you want to participate in the Mentorship Program? Please address what you hope to get out of the program.
  2. What will you bring to the Mentorship Program?
  3. What gap(s) do you perceive in your professional development and how do you think the Mentorship Program might help you to address those gaps?
  4. Briefly describe your involvement in a project of which you are particularly proud. What was the impact of the implementation and what were the benefits? Please describe any obstacles encountered and give examples of your resourceful measures in addressing them.
  5. Development of a peer network is one of the unique opportunities available to program participants. What expectations would you have for formal and informal interactions with an AMP mentee peer group? How might such a network affect your individual goals for the program?

Visit the Mentorship Program pages for program details.